How does one get into designing bags? Or clothes for that matter? Does she need to be an arts student and be good at drawing? Cos the fact is I’m neither of the above ..
So how and where does one like me begin??
My dad passed me a newspaper article from the NST earlier today spotlighting on one Sasha Rowena Nasir who’s got her own line of bags (Sasha Rowena) .. she was supposed to become a lawyer but turned to her childhood passion for fashion instead and started designing handbags with an ethnic twist “for fun” .. she soon got discovered by the CEO of Jendela KL through a friend .. and safe to say, she’s now on a roll :P

She’ll be participating in the Art of Fashion at Four Seasons Langkawi which is a month long exhibition on art, design and performance organized by Jendela KL in collaboration with the Four Seasons Langkawi and Firefly Airlines this December.
Kudos to her!!
Anyone with any opinions on how I can get into this too?? lol


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