the desire to reach for the sky runs deep in the human psyche

it has been a pretty daunting day. rethinking life and it's funny way of getting back at you (well me to be exact), i feel a sense of urgency - for change and to change. hopefully, fingers crossed, year 2011 will serve to be more productive and eventful for me and my partner. i must admit year 2010 was rather harsh but let's move on now shall we?

on a lighter note, here's a piece i'd like to own soon enough. plain, embellished or patterned, i think they're just too comfy to pass up on, don't you?


  1. I really love jumpsuits now too :)


  2. aren't they just gorgeous. but would fuller figured women look good in them though? cos i'm not exactly a size 6 lol :P



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