changes we seek

yes it has been a while.

a pretty long while at that.

for those who know me, they would have known that I found out I was pregnant some time around march last year. and on 5th december, gave birth to an adorable little angel whom we decided to name eva sabrina.

'eva' deriving from the word 'eve', for being my first born girl, while 'sabrina' deriving from the arabic word 'sabr', which aptly means 'patience'.

for those who know me even better still, would know that I have been married since 2008 and had never had any luck with child bearing. if you're thinking that I had a little bit of help with my rusty gutters, speculate no further. cos no, I took no form of medications, therapy, massage, no doctor's consultations or medical procedures done, none of the sort. in all honesty, it just happened.

looking back, just a week before I went in for a check at the doctor's office, I had a disturbing dream about the world coming to an end. and at one point of the dream I was walking on the street with everything crumbling all around me. I then went up a flight of stairs of a high rise building and as I stood by the corridor watching these huge trees below me, the sky suddenly turned purple and the loud sound of adzan began to be heard looming in the sky and all these tall trees before me began to to move and prostrated. I woke up then, balling my eyes out.

it was a dream which shook me so hard, it made me rethink my true purpose in life. and although as I write this down now, I know I have not done enough. and I know I badly need to get back on track. but I know i will cos my little girl is going to get me there, insya'allah.

more pictures of eva to ensue ♡♡


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