you are that special someone

that special someone whom i know truly cares about me and would go to both ends of the world with me if you could.

that special someone who accepts and adores me for who i really am, cause only you know who i really am.

that special someone who would stand by me through every bit of joy and sorrow and would always be by my side when i need someone to hold on to.

that special someone who tells me that i am beautiful each time we meet, on the inside and out.

that special someone who makes me smile on my gloomiest of days then makes me laugh with not a care in the world, even if it means i snort my way through it.

that special someone who takes me in your embrace and looks into my eyes and tells me that everything's going to be alright and gives me your word.

that special someone who just makes me feel ... special.

you are.

so thank you.


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