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being at home this past two months of 2011 led me to indulging myself in a couple of movies - old, new and reruns. some were good while some were bad, but worth mentioning nevertheless

  • the social network  i've been a fan of jesse eisenberg's eversince zombieland and am a bigger fan now
  • ramona and beezus  cute little joey king and pretty selena gomez! an entertaining watch for the family
  • labor pains  lindsay lohan looked gorge even with the fake baby bump (and the endless list of 'misdemeanors')
  • paranormal activity 2  no comments. seriously.
  • easy A  emma stone was hot but penn badgely was hotter. movie had a pretty darn obvious ending though
  • mean girls 2  this was nothing like its predecessor and just a waste of time really. meaghan martin can't act for peanuts but diego gonzalez boneta was quite an eye candy with his slight resemblance to one jared leto. overall, the movie was simply tacky and stiff
  • life as we know it  josh duhamel and katherine heigl made a cute pair in this. good for an easy and fun watch
  • the green hornet  seth rogen was funny while jay chou erm, no hablo englis? was just an ok movie for me, nothing to shout about i guess
  • black swan  natalie portman and mila kunis' scene was a bit too hot too handle but the movie was a good watch nonetheless. clever ending
  • dear john  ahhh channing tatum *flutters* and the lovely amanda seyfried - touching on screen chemistry. just lovely
  • remember me  the perfect tragic ending with robb patz at his best
  • from dusk till dawn  lame with a capital O. george clooney, what the heck was running through your mind? got fooled into watching this by the hubby thinking it's be a great vampire flick. but boy was i caught off guard. plain silly
  • faster  the movie was not too bad really, although the ending was pretty much expected and dwayne johnson looked pretty wimp-ish in the 'held at gunpoint' scene but really, who can blame him. he's called 'the rock' for a reason
  • love and other drugs  after having watched this, i'm not sure why, but i'm no longer a fan of anne hathaway. jake gyllenhall was to die for though. but what was he thinking dating taylor swift, right!? sheesh!
  • once  watched this for the millionth time a couple nights ago and i must say, it never gets old on me. amazing sounds of glen hansard and marketa inglova
  • because i said so  a second watch for me and i just love mandy moore in this
  • my sister's keeper  i didn't get as emotional as i thought i would watching this. ok maybe just ONE tear. but great acting nevertheless by sofia vassilieva 

what movies have you watched lately?


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