swimming with sharks

after much bugging, persuasion and thought, i am slowly inclining towards looking for work again, something full time. although i am currently teaching several of my cousins, the freelance work with the grandpaps has not begun yet and so hasn't the entire bazaar ordeal.

and as much as i would hate having to leave home as early as before the break of dawn to join the morning rush hour traffic and facing all the deadline, paperwork and not to mention the office politics and stresses which come with having a job, i must admit it does reach a point where it just bugs you that you've got only so much to splurge on yourself. 

so wish me luck. hopefully i'll get called for a couple of interviews soon. and if i do finally land a job, that would mean that a wardrobe revamp will be in order.

the only upside to the whole deal .. hah!


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