the mind that is unrested, wanders

i have not slept since last night and proceeded to unknowingly venture into a spring cleaning marathon early this morning, beginning with the bedroom then the bathroom followed by a massive clean out and clear out of me and the hubby's wardrobe. 
plus i also assembled a pair of shelves which i later helped the paps to mount onto my bedroom wall just above the bedside tables. i am so loving the extra storage space i now have. and now next on the to-do list for my bedroom is to purchase a new cpu for my desktop as i've been overusing my netbook way too much this past couple of months due to the burnt out motherboard of the hubby's ancient hewlett packard. i'm also looking out for a new computer desk and chair which will hopefully help get me off my lazy ass and sit up rather than lounge around on the bed while doing my work. other than that, i'm also contemplating on getting new light fixtures to replace the current dim lighting and also bedding.
oh and i am also fasting today by the way. and if that wasn't tough enough, i also failed to get any sahur this morning (the meal which is eaten before fajr, or dawn by Muslims who fast). i was too busy watching reruns of Dharma & Greg that i didn't realize that the time for sahur had already passed.
i hope everyone else is having a day better than mine


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