coffee to wake the dead

it's friday and pretty much half the day's gone already. sweet!

i'm guessing i've failed to mention that my new project which i spoke of in a previous post is already up and running. Velours Mag is an online lifestyle magazine which compiles latest news on styles and trends. the link to the site can also be found in my right sidebar as well as at the footer of this page. check it out when you're free yea and do leave me some feedback or suggestions so i can improve and enhance its look and contents. feel free to also leave me a message either on the site or here on my journal. a little disclaimer, this is my first attempt at creating such a site, so it may be well below your standard of expectation. plus this project is being materialized solely by me. just so you know where i plan to go with this, i simply wanted to create a sort of platform for people like me who just likes taking in bits and bobs of fashion news from here and there. i would say it's not much of a fashion bible as it is a lifestyle magazine. anyhow i'm hoping to garner in as much support as i possibly can from this little endeavour of mine. thanks lovelies!

i am concurrently working on conceptualizing and designing my own clothing line with the help of an aunt of mine who happens to have formerly been a fashion designer back when she was in her 20's. so fingers crossed, we'll be able to start pouring out ideas for this soon. not having been a fashion and design student back in the earlier days, my aunt actually taught me how to sketch a basic figure drawing. now she's got me sketching everyday before she sees my final product next week lol!

anyway i hope everyone's had a great first week of 2011 and let's all have a blast this weekend!

much love!


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