a diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit

here's a detox program which i'm just embarking on today. i'm pretty sure most of you have heard of this as well. it was a diet made popular mainly by beyonce who apparently lost 20 pounds in 10 days

my sister tried this a couple of months ago and i must say it did work

so here goes nothing!

Master Cleanse Detox
lemon juice 
genuine maple syrup
ground cayenne pepper
filtered water

This concoction is drank to substitute meals throughout the day whilst also drinking pure water. The diet lasts for 7 - 10 days depending on how well you can take it.

Reasons To Use A Master Cleanse Detox

- Appetite for healthier foods
- Boosted immunity to fight diseases/infections
- Boosted improvement of nutrient digestion needed for good health
- Healthier skin
- Higher energy levels
- Improve glandular function along with hormone action including insulin
- Increased metabolism rate that helps to maintain weight
- Lower blood pressure levels as weight comes off
- Reduction of joint pain, as pressure is off knees and hips
- Reduction of chronic pain and inflammation
- Reduction of non-healthy food cravings that result in weight gain


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