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while browsing through online fashion magazines, i find that most if not all of them have conjured up their own lists of fashion don'ts for 2011 or looks that ought not be seen again this year. lists of those sorts - i'm sure you know what i'm referring to. 

i am personally not a believer of fashion faux pas. i mean, who even imagined that shoulder pads would ever come back into trend again. and don't even get me started on lace. it is in fact these fashion trends from back then that influence and personify our looks of today. 

i strongly believe that a person wears what he/she is comfortable in and what he/she feels best suits his/her personality and sense of style. i think setting trends then declaring them as obsolete or 'out' is simply hypocritical. aren't those what fashion magazines are good at - no offense. i admit that sometimes i do get caught up with the trend of the moment but that doesn't mean i need anyone or any list to dictate and instruct me on what to wear and what not to wear. these fashion magazines to me are merely guides and they serve to inform and highlight styles and trends but that surely doesn't mean you need to take their word for it and live by them.

i still to this day adore harem pants, studs and fringes to name a few. 

my humble opinion. what's yours?


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