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Hey everyone! Here's a little something i'd like to share with you guys this Friday afternoon!

Just a little something i'm sure you ladies might like. And ladies, get them for your gents! I'm currently promoting these awesome t-shirts which are imprinted with amazing self-drawn portraits, all courtesy of my uber talented cousin on my blogshop, Karamel Republic

Check out her latest designs or just let me know if you've got other fanned celebrities in mind! 

And if you're interested in getting one, don't be shy to leave me a message at for the pricing details and such yea! They're affordable, so don't worry :)
Thank you! 

Calling all Adam Lambert fans!

Anyone fancy yourself some Gerard Way?

And for all you Malaysian Beliebers, wear this with pride this 21st April!
Hot item!

She's awesome, isn't she? oh but that's not her in the picture above by the way
(picture credit: Suraya Thornton)

Act fast people!
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