absence makes the heart grow fonder

the past few days have been pretty hectic with the flu bug going around the house, i've caught it too.

so yesterday, i pulled my lazy bedridden self out of bed, rummaged through my extremely backdated closet and picked for myself a rather unflattering outfit i must say and attended my secound round of interview for the job i was offered last week. nothing similar to what i've done in the past and remotely related to what i've studied, this should prove as a challenge, well for me at the very least. i've received what seemed to me as negative comments, inciting that the job is menial compared to my education background but i say why not. besides work is still work no matter what position it is or how small the wage is.

i know its far from my passion and what i yearn to do with my life, this job, should i get it, would keep me sane somewhat for at least while it lasts. with the hubby's constant nagging for me to pursue my dream, it may prove to be pretty daunting and impossible. but i'm still keeping my options open to have it on the side. the more important thing now is to rake in some income, chip in to the household expenses, pay off my loans (slowly but surely, god willing) and treat myself to some lovely clothes when payday rolls around .. tee hee!

outcome of the second interview is to be known sometime this week. so pray for me won't you :)


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