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just a little rambling from my end ..

doesn't it just irk you when you've got tonnes of clothes in your wardrobe but you just can't seem to find the right place or the right occasion to put them on. or let alone have the time to dress up. ever since making up my mind in becoming a stay at home wife, i no longer have daily wardrobe dilemmas just cause i don't have nowhere to go to. at the most in a week i'd only be out to nearby shops for food or to run errands or to the supermarket to do grocery shopping. and i can't possibly take all the time and effort to pack on a tonne of makeup or slip into my heels just to drive out and back again in under 30 minutes. i'd normally opt for my sweats or denims with a tee and flip flops.

i remember how i used to lament and complain at the fact that i always got in a total frenzy when i woke up every morning to dress up for work, but now that i don't have to, i'm kinda missing dolling myself up. and if you overlooked my previous post, yes, i am a self declared wallflower.

besides, dressing up at home for the sole reason of posting looks in my blog or lookbook is not quite me. unless i'm in the best of moods to do so, i honestly dislike fussing about with my not so reliable digital camera just to get the perfect shot of myself or my outfit. i'm just lazy like that. plus i don't own a tripod. i wish i had someone to snap my photos so i can start filling up my lookbook profile with my looks. and unfortunately for me, my hubby and i are like two peas in a pod and we think alike so i can't possibly get him to snap them for me now can i. blerghh!


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