be nice sunday

a saturday well spent

fooling with the adorable nieces, visiting the grandpaps and grocery shopping to stock up on more vegetarian products. i must admit i've cheated on my food intake a couple of times, but i am still rather determined to become a full fledged vegetarian one day. the hunger pangs come and go but overall i feel alot healthier and leaner

kudos to me! yeay!

anyway i've been wanting a taste of carrot cake for months now and since we missed celebrating the big sister's birthday yesterday, the folks decided to make up for it today by buying us all slices of assorted cakes from Secret Recipe. and naturally i opted for a slice of carrot cake loaded with nuts and raisins and cream cheese to top it all off

not too sure if it's 100% vegetarian friendly but it tasted excellent, just as expected
(i chose to be a lacto-ovo vegetarian by the way for those who are confused as to why i'd eat something with dairy products and eggs in it)


hoping for a good sunday

how was your weekend?


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