tutu love

you may have figured it out from my post several months back ..

i love tutus!!

  • Even think about wearing a leotard with that tutu.
  • Wear shoes that lace around the ankle, you’ll be getting too literal.
  • Carry a tote or over-large bag with this outfit, it’ll look too heavy.
  • Get too cutesy with the accessories. Strong cuffs, chunky rings and bad ass necklaces are the key. Delicate jewelry and hair accessories are to be avoided, you’re already wearing a tutu, after all.
  • Wear a loose top with your tutu. The skirt’s already voluminous and you’ll look over-large if you don’t go with a fitted shirt.
[taken from http://www.thefrisky.com/post/246-how-to-wear-a-tutu-without-looking-silly1/]

[photo credits]


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