it's just utter bliss

its been close to two months since i left my job and chose to be a stay at home wife .. it has been wonderful if not perfect .. maybe this is just me - laid back and relaxed - i cant quite care for datelines, politics and the usual crap that comes with the yuppie life .. no doubt i left my profession and perhaps a dream job to some, but i personally have no regrets .. its just my time to move on i suppose - call me lazy, but waking up an hour or two later than usual is simply blissful .. i can now spend hours in the kithen - cooking up a meal or light snack for the folks or hubby .. i can indulge myself in the world wide web or simply glue myself to the telly among others .. and as the title of this post reads, its just utter bliss i tell ya .. for now, im just looking forward to my upcoming trips in april, june and october (bangkok, singapore & bandung) .. and there's also my sis' second baby girl whos due to join the family cum mid may .. all things are good despite the occasional meltdowns at home .. otherwise, im having fun - no doubt about it :)

*all smiles


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