my scarves and cardigans

enough with the food entries already! for now :)

i recently bought myself a couple of 'arafat'/'keffiyeh' scarfs last week, one in black & white and the other in red & black ..

have not taken photos of myself wearing either one yet, only cos i've been staying indoors alot these days, what with the time of month and all .. i do know that the trend is somewhat dying already, but who says you can't still rock it .. i say fashion never dies .. so there!

i have been wearing my striped cardigans alot of late though .. you've already seen the one in grey and white in my previous post .. will take pictures of the others the next time i head out .. oh did i mention, i bought three striped cardigans in total and another in dark blue with a beige rim to it? oh yea i did *smiles* i love cardigans!!


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