calamine and kool fever packs

with an impending trip to bandung, indonesia in exactly 10 days with the folks, aunties and grandmother, the hubby's been diagnosed with a case of chicken pox just yesterday .. after a bout of asthma a couple days ago, i thought the worse was over but i guess it has just begun

argh! and you know what that means .. the nursie's cap has gone on and the both of us have moved to my sister's vacant house just nearby my parents' to rehabilitate .. also to be sure not to infect my little nieces back home ..they'll be headed to bali, indonesia a day after our departure .. so there

pus filled blisters + erratic body temperatures .. and the hubby always gets all cranky and grumpy whenever he's sick 

still crossing my fingers for now .. just hope i'll be fine in time for bandung

oh don't let me catch this please .. c'mon antibodies ! don't fail me now *scratch scratch*


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