in my mind's eye i see

this has worked out to be the best year yet.

from scoring a rewarding though brain and energy-draining career - if i could call it that - to getting the rare chance of witnessing the sounds and pure talent of 30 seconds to mars less than 10 meters away from me, i must say this year has just been downright a-maaaaazing.

and there are still 5 months to go till the end of 2011. hoorah!

oh by the way i still obsess over the fact that shannon was utterly gorgeous, even more so in real life, though i didn't quite get the perfect view of him from where i was standing that LEGENDARY night. now if only i'd gotten one of those drum sticks he threw out into the crowd right after their finale. ergh. i need another dose of 30stm! badly!

on another note, tomorrow marks the beginning of Ramadhan ie the fasting month for us muslims. so the crash diet begins now!

thunder arms and thighs begone!


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