out with the old

although i did not get quite enough sleep last night, probably a total of 2 hours of sleep more or less, 
i spent almost half the day cooking up breakfast and lunch. i also finally sat down and got started on revamping my new 'old' blog shop 


i am pretty much done and happy with the result. i might later decide that it needs a little bit of tweeking here and there but am currently satisfied with the way it looks for now. 

do drop by and have a look see while you're at it

otherwise, i would say i had a good day as a whole. unfortunately i did not have that much appetite to eat the entire day. i only managed to chuck in a slice of french toast and a pear for breakfast and another pear for lunch. after which the sheer exhaustion finally stepped in and caused me to sleep through the late evening, only to later wake up with a bad case of the 'sleepy head' syndrome - heavy head and utter laziness

as a result, i ended up taking a rain check on the folks' grocery shopping and dinner plans. now i am kind of regretting not having followed them cos i am bored out of my mind - bleargh!


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