my comrades at work keep me sane. like seriously.

they are such giving people, every other day i would find myself chomping away and relishing on various delicacies from the land of the rising sun. truly lavish and free hearted people they all are.

days ago, one of them was ever so determined to share with me some of their cultural and historical tales, particularly one aesops fable regarding the little peachling (or the little peach boy).

true to the notion - language barriers apparently only existed in ancient times. struggling to make sure i comprehend, he was creatively illustrative and imaginative in his ways of narrating. my hats off to him.

and although he has not quite finished with the entire story, irregardless, people like him convinces me that there is still some form of sincerity and genuity left in this world. truly appreciated.

so domo arigato gozaimas!


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