hilary gets my vote

say what you will, but i am a fan of hilary duff .. she of course as everyone knows started out in the all famous lizzie mcguire series on the disney channel which by the way i swear i must have watched all episodes of .. then broke out as a singer a couple years back .. and although she was quite a flop to me in war inc, i still love her nonetheless ..

and i really love her new movie, beauty and the briefcase .. not exactly a huge chick flick movies buff, but the occasional dose is not that bad really .. a simple and some might say rather cliche storyline, but come on, who would say no to watching hot guys strut their stuff in suits .. well maybe just one hot guy .. or maybe two .. hee ~

besides it is not easy for a person to be able to look good both as a blonde and as a brunette, well other than nicole richie perhaps .. and i think hilary just pulls both of them off - kudos to her!


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