the man with the big heart

alhamdulillah .. 
we headed to the national heart institute early this morning for papa's blood test, echo scan on his heart and his appointment with his cardiologist and everything turned out for the best .. besides his high blood pressure, cholesterol level, sugar level and weight, his heart was told to be perfectly fine and as a matter of fact was deemed to be in excellent condition despite his previous heart bypass surgery for 3 blocked arteries back in 2001 and stent procedure done a couple of years later ..

his heart was however found to be somewhat dilated in both the left and right atria but only due to his heart having have to work and pump much harder because of his high blood pressure .. 

so he IS both figuratively as well as now literally - the man with the big heart!

besides that, papa also lost 2.4 kilos in a matter of two weeks but still has quite a long way to go, as per the cardiologist's advise .. go papa!!

the long wait at the institute sure sent our tummies rumbling

these are the two lovely people who make my life worthwhile .. love you loads ummi and papa!

- papa's mixed vegetarian rice, ummi's half eaten curry noodles and my cantonese kway teow -

and finally, as for the lunch bit, despite the excellent heart friendly food, i had an ugly run in with the guy who took my orders at the drinks counter .. he was utterly rude and ignorant and it was definitely unacceptable for a national heart institute such as them to have cafeteria employees similar to him .. he did spoil a wee bit of my day but thank god for the good food :)


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