more room to breathe

i've just finished decluttering our all so cluttered wardrobe .. i managed to put aside over a dozen clothes to give away and rearranged all our clothings and hung them all out in a more orderly fashion .. it took only over an hour to do all that and although the difference is not quite noticeable ,i think my wardrobe now looks a wee bit more organized ..

my accessories are next up on the to-do list .. trying to think of the best way to keep them so they're not just left in the drawers and out of sight .. it's crazy when you totally forget you actually own something and end up never wearing or using them simply because they're stashed away simply to collect dust ..

i just realised today that i've got tonnes of clothes i've never even worn out to anywhere yet ..

no kidding! but i'm sure most of you have been there ..

i just wish i could have a walk in closet like kimora lee simmons' ..

well actually i do have one - in the next room .. but that's totally off limits since it's meant for my blogshop .. darn it ~ hee!


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